Aero planes are also commonly known as airplanes are fixed-wing aircraft. This term in general means is a craft whose operational
medium is through the air and which is supported by the Earth's atmosphere by the way of lift.

The birth of the first piloted airplane was in 1903. It was later that inventors made significant improvements in airplane design and powerful engines which allow airplane to fly over longer
distances. Several successful attempts to fly across the English Channel and across the Atlantic Ocean were made up till World
War I in 1914. It was also during the outbreak of the war that we saw greater motivation for aviation research and development where planes where use during the war to survey and attack the enemy. After the war, during the mid 1920's we saw the first airmail service.

Aviation continued to expand during the 1930's. With a combination of greater technological improvement in wind-tunnel testing, engine and airframe design, and maintenance equipment it was able to provide faster, larger and more durable airplanes. Due to the
increase in profitability of transporting passengers, aviation companies were able to extend it routes not out nationally but to
several foreign countries. Up until today, airplanes can travel to almost every major city around the world with in efficiency in time and speed.

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