Cars are also commonly known as motor car and automobile. They are wheeled vehicles that carry its own motor known as an engine. It is either powered by
fuel such as petrol, diesel, LPG and etc. Of course the act in operating the vehicle is called driving. In a vehicle there is a seat for the drives, and without any exclusion there will be one or more passengers' seats. There are several different types of vehicles; these include cars, buses, trucks, and vans, with cars being the most popular.


Taxi is a form of public transport on the ground where a driver will pick up a passenger or several passengers who wish to travel to the same destination upon request.
Fee is charge as per kilometer or per location. Although, taxi is a form of public transport, but at any one given time the driver will be only taking one or a group of passenger who are going to the same destination.


The word "bus" arises from the Latin word omnibus meaning "for all". Omnibuses were first used in 1662 in Paris, France and at that time they were drawn
by horses. Operation was only for a short period, it wasn't until much later during 1812 that it reappeared in Bordeaux (France), 1827 in Paris (France), 1829 in London (England), and 1830 in New York City (United States). They were often seen carrying passengers on both inside and outside on the roof.

In the early 20th century motorized buses powered by gasoline or diesel come into use, as it was able to take passengers to places where trains
could not reach. Up until today, buses are one of the common form of public transport used in most major cities around the world. It is use to take commuters to work, home, and shopping, use as a school bus, tour bus and etc. Also, due to environmental factors, buses are also powered by LPG Gas (autogas).


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