Ocean Transportation

Ocean transport is a method of carrying people, goods and etc with the means of barges, boats, ships or sailboat over rivers, canals, oceans, or seas. The main purpose of travel by this mean is that it can be for commerce, leisure/recreational, or military purposes.

Recorded drawings on cave walls from Australia’s Aboriginal colonies provided indirect but certain facts that the first vessel that floated on water was a type of canoes made from a cut out large tree trunk. This was mainly to transport people over small stretches of water such a passage and channels.

There has been very vague information about the origins of ocean transportation. It dates back to 3000 BC ago that the Egyptians employs large boats to transport there cargo across the ocean. The
Phoenicians were the first to have a system of transporting goods by sailing vessels over the area of the Mediterranean region. Most goods transported were high value/quality and little volume items such as spices, perfumes, gems, and fine handmade works. Rare items such as ivory, silver, gold and animals such as apes and peacocks were also transported.

It wasn't until late in the middle ages that transportation expanded through the oceans stretch of Spain and Portugal. Soon followed was
maritime transportation connecting water of Europe and North America where English dominance. This lasted until World War I. Forestry of New England, America promoted construction of sailing vessels made from wood. This made America one of the world’s largest shipping construction country producing schooners and clippers. It wasn't until the late 19th century that they were replaced by steel-hulled steamships. Ships powered by diesel soon replaced steam ship. Meanwhile during the 16th and 17th century in land water transportation grew extensively and we saw construction of canals.

The main transport use to cross waters is boats. Boats are relatively small open nautical vessel that propels by sail, oar, by paddling or
with the use of a fuel powered motor. It is common that the term "boat" is use to describe larger vessels (ships) which is somewhat incorrect. Boats are smaller and do carry much less people and goods. Ships are larger vessels in which people and goods may be conveyed across water such as ocean, sea and much deeper waters.

The most common vessel that carries passengers, and sometimes their vehicles, over short distances or small stretches of water such as
rivers and lakes are "ferries". They commonly form part of many waterside cities public transport systems which operate on a schedule time. Water taxi or water buses like those in Venice, Italy are also very popular as they are foot-passenger ferry with many stops. Other passenger vessels are luxury cruise ship, private boats and etc.

Large cargo ships and barges are commonly used to carry goods across water. It is usually used to transport large items like cars, big containers and etc. Ocean transportation is a cheaper way in transporting goods compared to air transportation.

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