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This is a form of a two-wheeled vehicle where fuel powers an engine. Motorcycle wheels are in-line and by advantage of gyroscopic forces
the motorcycle and its' rider at high speed can remain upright and with satiability. There are many different types of motorcycle. These can include standard bikes, road motorcycles, cruiser, sport bikes, touring, and sport bikes, scooters, moped and much more.


Bicycle are also commonly called a bike is a light-framed two-wheeled vehicle that is driven by the movement constant pedaling of a petal by man power. All bicycles are fitted with pneumatic tyres,
with the rear wheel being propelled by the rider through a crank, chain and gear mechanism.

Bicycle are becoming more and more popular because it is environmentally friendly as it does not produce any toxic gases in to the air. It is also a great way to exercise.

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