Raiway System


Another commonly use ground transport around the world is trains. It can consist of a single or multiple connected rail vehicles which are
able to be interconnected and move together along a railway system. Trains can transport passengers travelling between stations where distance can vary from under 1 kilometre to much more. It is also use as freight trains to carry goods in bulk over long distances. Transporting good via freight train is highly economical and energy efficient when transporting long distances.

There are many other special kinds of trains that run on special “railways”. They are atmospheric railways, monorails (single rail trains), high-speed railways (bullet trains seen in Japan ), maglev,
rubber-tired underground, funicular and cog railways.


The tram is also known as the tramcar, trolley and streetcar which travels wholly or partly along a form of railway system or tracks lay on city streets. They are designed to transport passengers within
close range villages, towns, and/or cities. It is only on rare occasion that they are use as freight to transporting goods.

Almost all passenger trams are propelled by an electric motor which is fed from an overhead lines especially designed to run on tracks setup on public roads. Due to road developments and the increase uses of private vehicles on roads, the use of trams as
a form of transport has decreased dramatically. There are few countries that still use trams system. These include parts of North
America, Western Europe (Netherlands and Finland), Asia (Hong Kong, and Zhengzhou, China), Australia (Melbourne) and Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria).

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